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Wine and Food Group

Wine & Food group is a qualified operator in the supply chain integrated into agri-food. The group works in the Western Mediterranean area, through the work of three controlled companies, with logistical pla- tforms in Europe.

WFG offers products scouting service, supplier base simplification, procurement services optimization, software integration.

European Values


We work with over 1500 suppliers reaching Europe and Mediterranean area. We manage to provide high stan- dard services to the most demanding customers thanks to software integration systems between sup- pliers and our logistical platforms.
It is possible to sum up our value proposition as follows:

Aware of the impact of logistics cost on particular ranks of products, similar to those we provide, we offer to our customers the possibility to commit all the logi- stics management to our group.
In this way our customers will be able to rationalize the stock. We allow customers to work only in modality Transfer Order, that is the possibility to receive the goods exclusively alongside the ship for Mediterranean area.

We offer an integrated logistic service for every single product in every port.

Returned goods


Rationalization of orders and stock according to the seasonal turn over
Efficiency in restocking
Documents management
Reduction of logistics costs
Picking and delivery of goods in every port

Case history

With the aid of qualified experts in food and wine selection, we offer a scouting service and a product portfolio optimization for our customers.

We also guarantee a customization service, useful in the products selection based on geography, seasons, consumers profiling, dynamic offer with standard prices in each loading area.

We constantly supervise the supply chain through digital systems, integrated with the key actors of the chain. In this way we always have under control stock and movement of goods.


Reduction of supplier base
Reduction of purchase operation
Product scouting and testing
Purchase price optimization
Seasonal products list

Case history

Through a pre-learning algorithm capable of analyzing the case history of the individual ship and optimizing purchases based on the data collected by predicting consumption and availability on board, making the purchase and warehouse process more efficient.
The algorithm will use the collected metrics with greater efficiency as the flow of data increases, reaching increasingly accurate levels of predictability.

Case history


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